2023 Special Easter Offering

Since 2008, the Special Easter Offering has gone to support the spread of the gospel around the globe. Another opportunity to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ is before us. The 2023 Special Easter Offering will go to Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland.

First Presbyterian Church has joined the effort to come alongside Trinity Aberdeen in this multi-million-dollar project with the goal of raising $250,000 to help in this work.

About Trinity Church

Aberdeen, Scotland

Trinity Church was born in 2011 after the tumult in the Church of Scotland and is growing into a church family increasingly engaged with reaching Scotland’s most secular city with the gospel. David Gibson serves as Minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, where he has lived for the past 18 years with his wife, Angela, and their four children. David has served Trinity Church in Aberdeen for the entirety of and has been with this fellowship. He is married to Angela, and they have 4 children. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson and his wife, Dorothy, also attend Trinity Church, where Sinclair serves as Preaching Associate.
In 2018, Trinity purchased the city’s largest church building right in the heart of Aberdeen’s civic, judicial, and commercial center. This building is typical of many that have seen decline over the decades and is in need of extensive renovation. The vision for the church building is to provide a hub from which gospel ministry can flow.

This focus on a renovated place and a people renewed by the grace of the Lord Jesus is how Trinity plans to send the gospel into the future for future generations to come and discover ‘the wonderful works of God’ (Acts 2:11).

Sending the Gospel into the Future  |  Trinity Church