Discipleship Ministry Staff

Janet Altman

Seniors Ministry Coordinator
Ext. 550

Marie Louise Bowers

Director of Women's Ministry
Ext. 254

Sarah Bryan

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry,
High School Girls
Ext. 303

Lelia Byars

Women's Ministry Assistant Director
Ext. 253

Nate Cesky

Liz Grooms

Director of College Ministry
Ext. 267
College Ministry Assistant Director
Ext. 230

Barbara Diller

Congregational Nurse
Ext. 530

Blakely Dunbar

Children's Ministry Assistant
Ext. 251

Josh Fleming

Beth Grider

Director of Young Professionals
Ext. 256
Nursery Coordinator
Ext. 233

Beth Ann Hurst

Director of Special Needs Ministry
Ext. 239

Hannah Lampman

Director of Children's Ministry
Ext. 237

Sarah Neely

Children's Ministry Assistant
Ext. 367

Maggie Pelton

College Ministry Assistant Director
Ext. 257

Billy Pierce

Interim Director of Youth Ministry
Ext. 238

Roxanna Rojas

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry,
Middle School Girls
Ext. 302

Tricia Stoker

Young Professionals Assistant Director
Ext. 531

Joseph Yi

Director of Sports Ministry
Ext. 250

Music Ministry Staff

Gloria Barrett

Music Ministry Administrative Assistant
Ext. 349

Daniel Cole

Director of Music Ministry
Ext. 254

Thomas Russell

Organist, Music Ministry Assistant Director
Ext. 304

Administrative & Support Staff

Lisa Cole

Receptionist &  Administrative Assistant
Ext. 221

Michelle Craft

Ext. 222

Campbell Cathcart

Executive Assistant to Senior Minister
Ext. 248

Ashtyn deBessonet

Communications Strategist
Ext. 544

Blakely Dunbar

Print Shop Operator
Ext. 246

Lisa Eargle

Pastoral Care & Membership Administrative Assistant
Ext. 244

Holly Edwards

Missions Ministry Coordinator
Ext. 242

Annette Griffin

Assistant Accountant
Ext. 235

Gabe Hurst

IT Director
Ext. 228

Deborah Kirkland

Ext. 603

Calvin Kramps

Audio-Visual Specialist
Ext. 549

Brad Martin

Director of Finance & Operations
Ext. 698

Rebecca Milford

Youth, College, and Communications Admin. Assistant
Ext. 232

Judy Nance

Office Manager
Ext. 224

Barbara Shealy

Executive Assistant to Administrator
Ext. 261

Marlena Turner

Pastoral Care Administrative Support
Ext. 271

Food Services Staff

Richard Wolford

Joe Cooper

Kitchen Staff

E.J. Mills

Kitchen Staff

Bryan Robinson

Kitchen Staff

Rosemary Muthala

Kitchen Staff

Pastoral Interns

Mark Capper

Pastoral Intern - Pastoral Care
Ext. 556

Avery Sirmans

Pastoral Intern - College
Ext. 556

Scottie Crawford

Pastoral Intern - Seniors
Ext. 556

Roddey Smith

Pastoral Intern - Youth
Ext. 556

William Lewis

Pastoral Intern - Discipleship
Ext. 556

Eric Wu

Pastoral Intern - Senior Minister
Ext. 556