The institution of marriage is a wonderful gift from God designed to bring much good into the lives of those who unite together. First Presbyterian Church is committed to doing what it can to prepare its members for a strong, Christian-based marriage, as well as a God-honoring marriage ceremony.


Weddings held in the First Presbyterian Church must be officiated by one of our ministers.

The officiating minister is responsible for pre-marital counseling and planning the service with the couple to be married.

A traditional Protestant form will be used for weddings conducted in the First Presbyterian Church.

The rehearsal and wedding are under the direction of the minister who will perform the ceremony.

All weddings in the Sanctuary will require the use of a FPC Wedding Director and an Assistant Director. Most weddings in Smith Chapel will require the use of a FPC Wedding Director.

Weddings starting after 7:00 p.m. are discouraged.

The church organist will play for weddings in which an organ is to be used. If he is unavailable then he will provide a substitute. Outside musicians are welcome to assist.

Note to Non-Members

Non-members who have no parental relationships in the church may request to use the facilities. A letter should be sent to the Senior Minister's Executive Assistant outlining the details of the request, including information about the couple, the date requested, the reason for desiring to get married at First Presbyterian Church, any past or current relationship with the church, and current church affiliation. The letter will be forwarded to the Worship Committee of our Session for consideration. The committee will provide an answer in three - four weeks. Should the request be given approval, the couple will make an appointment with one of our pastors and follow the guidelines given.

Upon Approval

After meeting with a pastor, approval of your wedding, and receipt of the Wedding Guidelines, please bring the following items to the church office:
  • Completed “Wedding Information Form” received at your meeting with a pastor
  • Deposit to secure your date

Ceremony Locations

Perhaps you are considering whether the First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary or Smith Chapel is the place for your wedding. Please contact the church office if you are interested in a wedding at First Presbyterian Church to schedule a meeting with a pastor. 


Inquiries and appointment requests may contact the church office by phone at (803) 799-9062 or email at